Why is Guttering important

75% of damaged property siding is caused by blocked gutters.

Broken gutters lead to basement flooding in 50% of the cases.

Overflowing gutters are major reason for water damage and mould growth in the property.

Your guttering stops rainwater from damaging your property so it’s vital that you keep it well-maintained. If gutters are allowed to become blocked or broken you could face some serious problems.

These include both interior and exterior damage such as flooded basements, foundation cracks, and insect infestations. Remember that malfunctioning gutters and downpipes are two of the most common reasons for water damage in the UK! And this is all due to poor gutter maintenance.

We not only offer UPVC Gutter replacement services but also cleaning and repairs on existing, call us today on 07786 422835 for advice and a free quote.

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